Women and Distress

It is widely known that the most part of diseases typical for women depends upon their psychological state. Moreover having examined the psychological state of a woman one can easily predict what illnesses is that woman likely to be subjected to. The doctors of the ancient times used to say that it is possible to determine the stage of an illness when a patient only enters the room. And there are some reasons to consider it to be true. A woman who is troubled experiences somatization disorder. That is a typical feature of feminine psychics. This state could appear to be quite dangerous, but in the most cases it could be eased quickly. The degree of somatization depends upon the individual peculiarities, as each woman reacts on distress in a unique way. This is conditioned by a personal psycho type, system of views and values or the current mood of a woman.


Let us consider the peculiarities of women’s somatization. Influenced by a a constant distress women tend to develop more somatic disorders than men. But why does this happen. Imagine that a girl is claustrophobic, but every day she has to use a narrow elevator when she is at work. She may seem absolutely calm outside, but inside she experiences anxiety and fear. As a result the usual pains at the small of the back get sharper, the blood pressure goes up, the head starts to ache. The quality of life gets worse from day to day.

The stresses caused by the erroneous choice of carrier are the most common thing that affects a woman’s well-being. Being not completely aware of the current problem the women made an appointment with a GP. In the worst cases they began treating themselves. That could end in a sad result. The physician is able to cure the body and not the soul.

Women tend to hide their problems and fears behind their physical state. And usually they do that unconsciously, which results in a various body disorders.

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